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Zenon Network Community Update | May thru July 2023

Zenon Network Community Update | May thru July 2023

(Any views expressed in the below are the personal views of the author and should not form the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation or advice to engage in investment transactions.)

Development Update

May -> July 2023

Trustless Bridge

  • The trustless bridge between the ZTS tokens (ZNN & QSR) and ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum was launched. You can find the bridge portal here: https://bridge.zenon.network
  • Community members can bridge ZNN <> wZNN and QSR <> wQSR to and from Ethereum.
  • The bridge orchestrator software which facilitates bridging was updated several times to address bugs identified during the TSS key generation process. Currently 22 orchestrators participate in signing transactions and you can check the status of orchestrators by visiting this site: https://status.bridge.zenon.community/ This site leverage a custom orchestrator health check script written by @sumamu.
  • The Orchestrator v0.0.4 software is ready to be installed. This version supports big int. However, it first requires a go-zenon v0.0.6 node in order to work property. v0.0.6 also supports big int. If you run a Pillar and/or the Orchestrator update now.


  • go-zenon was updated to v0.0.6 and is ready to deploy. However the znn_controller_dart does not support big int yet. @sol and @alienc0der are working to correct this error type 'String' is not a subtype of type 'int'
  • Check out the status of Public Node upgrades on zenonhub.io.


  • @alienc0der has been working nonstop to release SYRIUS v0.0.7 with walletconnect support. He is working with the community to address bugs and make continuous improvements. Join in the discussion if you have feedback.
  • Please note SYRIUS v0.0.7 supports big int. You either need to run the embedded node or use a public node that supports big int.
  • wss://my.hc1node.com:35998 supports SYRIUS v0.0.7.
  • wss://secure.deeznnodez.com:35998 supports SYRIUS v0.0.6 and lower.
  • @vilkris is working on SYRIUS bug fixes and he released the P2P atomic swap functionality on testnet. You can test SYRIUS with P2P Atomic Swap functionality. It's only available on TESTNET. This short video shows how to perform the atomic swap.
  • @vilkris released an HTLC watchtower that can be used to watch for unclaimed swaps in the event a P2P participant losses internet connectivity while performing an atomic swap on MoM. Hypercore One is testing the watchtower on testnet now.

Extension Chain (Sidechain)

  • @alienc0der has been working on an L2 for NoM. It's referred to as an extension chain or sidechain. The L2 will be EVM compatible and leverage technology deployed in the Orchestrator.
  • The extension chain will NOT have inflation and will rely on ZNN to operate. Pillars will have the ability to run incentivized validators and contract deployers will be incentivized through fee distributions (gas).
  • According to @aliencoder the testnet extension chain is producing blocks and he has deployed an EVM smart contract.

Ledger Integration

  • @cryptofish submitted an AZ to integrate Zenon Network with Ledger.
  • The project is broken into three phases and on June 9th he completed the first phase - Unaudited developer mode release.
  • From the update above: "Much progress has been made with the implementation of the Zenon Ledger App. Zenon’s cryptographic security has been implemented and a first simulation trial to sign a transaction has been successful. It won’t be long before an on-chain trial can be done."


  • @DigitalSloth added a "favorite" feature to zenonhub.io where users can save and label addresses, tokens, and transactions. Check out the announcement on twitter.
  • @DigitalSloth also submitted an AZ and got approval to move all the QSR from alien-valley.io to zenonhub.io to operate a Plasma Bot. Users can submit their address and fuse up to 120 QSR for 12 hours for free.

Governance Contract

  • @george is working on the embedded governance contract design. He is asking for community feedback and input.
  • One goal of the governance contract will be to allow Pillars to create spork IDs. This will allow the community to upgrade the network without Mr. Kaine taking action.
  • @george is targeting an end of July deliverable.

Misc Updates

  • @george started work on an embedded AMM but stopped after Kaine summarized his thoughts on L1 "bloat".
We don't need an AMM on the base layer. We don't need a VM on the base layer. We don't need bloat on the base layer. We don't want to add unnecessary complexity on the base layer. We want a secure and decentralized base layer. Mr. Kaine
  • @george finished the PLTC PR and submitted it to /zenon-network for review: PTLC embedded contract.
  • @CryptoFish has been updating the C# CLI, C# Sdk, and Java Sdk as sporks are adopted. C# CLI commands can be found on the hypercore.one forum.
  • @moonBaze submitted a ZIP: MoonBaZe-0001 for big int support. All repos, SDKs, and nodes have been updating to support big it over the last 2 months.
  • @CryptoFish, @0x3639, @Vilkris, @Sol & @George setup a 5 pillar testnet. They deployed the bridge and are planning to upgrade to go-zenon v0.0.6. @vilkris put a pretty face on the testnet faucet. Please note the testnet will NOT work with SYRIUS v0.0.7 or the SYRIUS mobile wallet yet.
  • @sol has been working on a number of projects. He has been looking into the growing memory issue with go-zenon. He has some interesting ideas around Public RPC node incentives. He also discovered a bug in the Orchestrator software that was reported to @sumamu.
  • @moonBaze submitted a ZIP: MoonBaZe-0001 for big int support. All repos, SDKs, and nodes have been updating to support big it over the last 2 months.
  • @moonBaze built on @sol work regarding the memory leak in go-zenon and submitted a PR to fix the issue: https://github.com/MoonBaZZe/go-zenon/tree/p2p-fix.Community members are testing the fix now.
  • HC1 and HCT are discussing the implementation of Dynamic Plasma. Kaine has identified this as an important milestone to achieve Phase 1. Check out the conversation and join in if you have something to add.

SYRIUS native mobile wallet

Affiliate Marketing Program

  • @sumamu released the affiliate marketing program. Community members can provide their wallet address to generate an affiliate link. Share that link with the community and anyone who uses that link to bridge assets from Ethereum to NoM will receive an extra 2% in ZNN. And the affiliate will also receive 1%.
  • For example, Alice shares her affiliate link with Bob. He bridges 1000 wZNN from Ethereum to NoM. By using the link Bob will receive an extra 10 ZNN and Alice will receive 20 ZNN.
  • Visit this link to generate an affiliate link: https://affiliate.zenon.community/

Marketing Update

May & June 2023

Zenon.org Marketing

The Zenon.Org Attribute dashboard reports an impressive increase in page view data for ZenonOrg websites in 2023: https://twitter.com/mehowbrainz/status/1663375937520517122

The development of the Zenon.Org funnel framework has begun. It’s designed to onboard new participants into Zenon Network by #HyperGrowth teams. https://twitter.com/mehowbrainz/status/1669763375797075995?s=20

Zenon.Org content is nearly 100% ported to the new Nuxt 3 framework. Pending a release in July 2023.

Zenon DAO Marketing

Misc Community Marketing