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AZ for ChainSafe Audit

AZ for ChainSafe Audit

(Any views expressed in the below are the personal views of the author and should not form the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation or advice to engage in investment transactions.)

@0x3639, in consultation with @romeo and @sumamu, hired the ChainSafe team to audit the Solidity bridge contract (bridge.sol). They proposed the following.

Estimate: 1 eng-week @ USD$20,000/week (Which includes their discounted rate)
Duration: 1 week
Start date: 24 April 2023

Note: Our service involves two auditors independently checking code before coming together to compare results and produce a report. We then give you the opportunity to fix changes, followed by the compilation of a final report after those changes are made.

After an extended back and forth with ChainSafe they agreed to a lower amount, however I'm subject to a confidentially agreement and cannot disclose the amounts or the exact terms of service publicly. However, if a Pillar wants to see more details DM me on the forum.

I offered to pay for the audit at an exchange rate of $1.20 USD / 1 $ZNN and $0.12 USD / 1 $QSR

We had an extended discussion on the forum about the audit and the community unanimously supported it.

In this discussion I gave other community members the ability to outbid me and lead the process. No one stepped up so I signed the contract. I had to form an LLC and sign an agreement on behalf of the project. Also, in the event the auditors find a critical bug, they charge more than $300 / hr to investigate it

I am requesting (2) AZs to reimburse my actual costs.

AZ#1 = $10,000 USD
3,333ZNN @ 1.20 = $4,000
50,000 QSR @ 0.12 = $6,000

AZ#2 = $10,000 USD
3,333ZNN @ 1.20 = $4,000
50,000 QSR @ 0.12 = $6,000

AZ1 + AZ2 = $20,000
$10,000 + $10,000 = $20,000

Once the work is complete and paid, I will determine the total costs including the LLC formation fees. I will disclose all my costs to Shai, George and Vilkris and request reimbursement of actual costs at the proposed exchange rates: ($1.20 USD / 1 $ZNN) and ($0.12 USD / 1 $QSR). If any other Pillar wants to see the actual costs, DM me on the forum.