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The Lone Aliens Ordinal Project

The Lone Aliens Ordinal Project

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Let's get one thing straight before we dive in. Yes. That is a penis on my head. They call me "Dick Head".


Before we dive into the Lone Aliens Ordinal NFT project, lets define a few terms in case you are late to the party.

How are NFTs possible on Bitcoin? Inscriptions + Ordinals = NFTs

  • Ordinals are a numbering scheme for satoshis that allows tracking and transferring individual "sats".
  • Inscriptions attach data to a Satoshi. Data is stored in the OP_RETURN field of a Bitcoin and was made possible with the taproot upgrade.

NFTs on Bitcoin are made possible by combining a way to store data on Bitcoin (Inscriptions) with a way to track and display the data (Ordinals).

The Lone Aliens

Why launch an NFT project on IPFS when you can inscribe the data for eternity on the Bitcoin blockchain? Chadass Capital, founder of the Lone Aliens NFT collection, has a contemporary art background and was an early Bitcoin adopter. He was one of the early investors and contributors to Zenon Network, the schizofrenic, alien infested, decentralized Layer 1 blockchain. Zenon has been building in the shadows for four years. The project has built a strong community of contributors, but progress is slow because A16Z has not given them $500m to scale.

It's "lonely" building a sustainable, differentiated Layer 1 Blockchain in the shadows of Jump Crypto, A16Z and others who run pump and dump exit scams with billions of dollars.

Bitcoin + Art + Exit Scam Hater + Silent Builder + Schizo + Troll = Lone Aliens


Aliens and Zenon Network

Lone Aliens appear to be in support of Zenon Network, the Network of Momentum (NoM). NoM is alien "themed" and community members appear to be "lonely". Builders work silently without central coordination so It's difficult to track progress if you are not monitoring activity closely. The blockchain uses a novel consensus mechanism called a Meta-DAG that aims to move beyond the age old "trilema". But the community doesn't think anyone is listening. Hence the Aliens are Lonely. Or is Chadass lonely? Time will tell.

Is Chadass a Troll?

If you are in crypto and don't have a health dose of skepticism you are in the wrong industry. Chadass is early, he is a trader, an artist, and he does not believe your shit. He supports NoM and runs a Pillar but does not believe in hopium. Does that make him a troll? I think his skepticism has helped spur action and now he launched an NFT project to "troll" Mr. Kaine. #bullish

!wen Moon?

I don't give a shit about any of this. Just tell me wen Lone Aliens is going to moon. BTW, if anyone wants to buy my Dickhead NFT, I might consider selling it for $10m. Until then, HODL.

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Lone Alien "Lore" Contest Winner(s)

Below are two short stories written by Lone Alien holders about their aliens. They each won 20 $ZNN for submitting their stories.

Zoshi, The Lone Alien

Written by Sugoi

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away... Zoshi and his friends were exploring the vast expanse of the Zenon galaxy in their ufo's. After Zoshi had been admiring the beauty of a distant star, he got separated from his group. Zoshi suddenly realized he was all alone...

For many days and nights, Zoshi travelled in his ufo through the emptiness of the galaxy. He searched for any signs of his friends or anything that might lead him back to them. But despite his efforts, Zoshi remained lost and alone. He felt like giving up, but something inside him told him to keep going, and so he did.

His adventure eventually led him to the brightest star in the entire galaxy: Syrius. Zoshi's heart raced with excitement and hope. He felt that he was on the right path! He scanned the area around the star, hoping to find any signs of his friends, but he found no trace of them.

As he was preparing to leave Syrius, his ship suddenly malfunctioned and he crashed back onto the star's surface. He tried to fix the damage, but the ship was beyond repair. Zoshi was stranded on Syrius, with no way to communicate with his friends or call for help. Days turned into weeks, and Zoshi began to lose hope of ever being rescued. He survived on the star's resources, but it was a struggle to find food and water. He spent his days exploring Syrius, hoping to find some way to signal for help.

Zoshi had heard rumors of the locals, they were talking about some sort of Stargate which could act like a bridge between different galaxies... But nobody was able to help Zoshi out. As time went on, Zoshi began to realize that he might be stranded on Syrius forever. He spent his days wandering around, searching for anything that might help him get off, but with no success.

8 years had passed but Zoshi never gave up hope of being rescued. But as the years turned into decades and then centuries, Zoshi grew old and tired. He realized that his friends might never come for him. He resigned himself to a life of solitude, spending his days watching the stars and dreaming of the adventures he once shared with his friends.

The Secret of Momentum

Written by Stark

A lone alien from a galaxy far away, Dreamed of riches that he could trade all day, He chased the crypto markets high and low, Hoping to strike it rich and watch his wealth grow.

He bought and sold on distant planets far, Tracking the charts like a crypto czar, But as he traded day in and day out, He realized true happiness he was without.

The greed that drove him left him feeling hollow, His life consumed by trading, and what would follow, But as he journeyed through the universe, He learned a truth that was a solemn curse.

Money couldn't buy the things he yearned for, The love, the connection, and much more, And though he still loved trading now and then, He knew that true wealth came from within.

So he set out to find a new direction, A path with true heart and connection, One day he met a superorganism called Zenon, Who taught that lone alien the secret of momentum:

“If you want to go fast, go alone, But velocity is not enough, on its own, Mass has gravity, and that’s forever, So if you want to go far, go together.”