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Zenon Network February 2023 Community Update

Zenon Network February 2023 Community Update

(Any views expressed in the below are the personal views of the author and should not form the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation or advice to engage in investment transactions.)

Starship update February 2023 - !wen will NoM interoperate with Bitcoin?

"We'll get there someday, but for now, we're just trying to figure out how to work together and deliver commits."


  • The PR submission deadline has been extended to the end of March 2023. - Mr. Kaine
  • Please swap your remaining $wZNN to native ZNN as soon as possible. The bridge is no longer supported - Mr. Kaine
  • George submitted a PR for the Hashed Timelock Contract (HTLC) code. This code will allow for Atomic Swaps in SYRIUS v0.0.7.
  • AlienC0der is working on SYRIUS v0.0.6 upgrades. He is testing the code and breaking out individual pull requests for submission.
  • Mike is working on WalletConnect integration for SYRIUS v0.0.7.
  • Sol and Vilkris are working on the Atomic Swap UI and code to enable the swaps natively in SYRIUS v0.0.7.
  • George started to work on the Point Timelock Contract (PTLC) code.
  • Crypto Fish is working on testing SYRIUS improvements and fixing bugs. He is also maintaining .NET SDK / CLI and Java SDK
  • Dr. Blaze continues to work on the native iOS wallet. No target delivery date is set.
  • Sumamu submitted the initial trustless bridge code commit to Github for review by the community. AlienCoder and George have started to look at the code.
  • Zenon Hub gave their site a facelift and released a Discord Whale Bot that tracks large movements of $ZNN and $QSR.
  • Two AZ projects were submitted and approved. One AZ project was funded.
  • Zenon.org was refactored. attribute.zenon.org is under development.

Marketing Update

mehowz | Website | GitHub | Forum | Discord | Twitter

The zenon.org codebase has been refactored from bottom up while upgrading to Nuxt 3. The upgrade will streamline its development cycle, allowing to ship new features faster.

The new attribute.zenon.org infrastructure has also been in development. Its release is around the corner.

@mehowz began to draw funnels and onboarding design elements for various network roles. These funnels will become the backbone of outbound and inbound marketing strategies using various channels. See this video for a preview: https://forum.zenon.org/t/staking-funnels/1318/2

0X3639 | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter

@0x3639 has released a number of articles over the past month.

0x launched a new twitter account called @Learn_Zenon. The goal is to provide factual community updates and awareness. He and Sol also launched a new Youtube Channel called Learn Zenon. They plan to stream weekly developer meetings to engage with the community and promote collaboration.

Development Update

digitalSloth | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter

digitalSloth maintains the website https://zenonhub.io. This month Zenon Hub got a "facelift".

digitalSloth also setup a Discord whale bot that tracks on chain activity. He has labeled many known wallets such as Stex, Pillars, BSC Bridge and others.

In March we can expect a new Twitter Whale Alert account. And he is rolling out new logic around Stex accounts that makes it easier to identify movement of funds to the exchange.

George | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

George submitted the HTLC code review.

Add support for Hash(ed) Time Lock(ed) Contracts (HTLC) by georgezgeorgez · Pull Request #11 · zenon-network/go-zenon
Contribute to zenon-network/go-zenon development by creating an account on GitHub.

He started work on PTLCs and recently posted a note on Github about his thoughts on signature schemes. Feel free to provide him any comments you have on Github.

George submitted two Accelerator Z projects for funding this month.

  • PTLCs for more private atomic swaps
  • Dev Guides for improved developer onboarding documentation

George continues to publish articles on Zenon Zealot. For a limited time community members can sign up with $INCHES tokens.

Vilkris | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Vilkris is working on upgrades to zenon.tools. He and Sol are working on the Ui/UX and code to implement Atomic Swaps in SYRIUS v0.0.7.

Dr. Blaze | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter

Dr. Blaze recently finished the Dart SDK porting to Android and iOS and he started implementing the recently updated Figma screens.

Upcoming Roadmap

  • Implement basic functionality: send, receive and plasma.
  • Implement extended functionality: rewards, sentinel.
  • Implement security features: biometric unlock, root detection, etc.
  • Polishing the app, bug fixing, testing and preparing it for release.
Syrius Wallet Mobile App
I finished the Dart SDK porting to Android and iOS and I’ve started implementing the Figma screens. I won’t engage in a polemic with you, sorry. Yes, I’m working and preparing an APK release for the community to play with. I’ve redesigned the UI/UX of the mobile app after I’ve completed an in…

Sol Sanctum | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Sol is working on native Atomic Swaps in SYRIUS v0.0.7. You can see the current state of the enhancements in the recent Developer Update call. He is also working with AlienC0der to test and audit Pull Requests for SYRIUS v.0.0.6.

CryptoFish (KingGorrin) | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter

Cryptofish (KingGorrin on Github) has been updating the .NET SDK / CLI and Java SDK branches to keep up with the HTLC changes. In addition he has been testing and fixing SYRIUS bugs in v0.0.6.

Branches · KingGorrin/syrius
Contribute to KingGorrin/syrius development by creating an account on GitHub.

AlienC0der | Github | Forum

AlienC0der has been working to break out individual Pull Requests for the SYRIUS v0.0.6 update. There are 142 commits in the latest update.

GitHub - alienc0der/syrius at release-v0.0.6
Contribute to alienc0der/syrius development by creating an account on GitHub.

Alien is also working to review the bridge code from Sumamu and his team.

Sumamu | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Sumamu and his team created an Unofficial HyperCore Team repo on Github and posted their first commits. It's over 20,000 lines of code and took 8 months to write.

HyperCore Team (Unofficial)
Unofficial organization for managing HyperCore-related projects. Created by @sumamu, an official HyperCore nominee. - HyperCore Team (Unofficial)

It appears the bridge will leverage the on-chain Orbital Level Liquidity program to incentivize the bridge operations.

Sumamu continues to write tests for the embedded smart contract. We should expect this to be submitted in March.

DexterLabZ | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

No update from DexterLabZ in February.

Alien Valley | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Alien Valley provided deeZNNutz.com the private key to the $QSR funds used by the Telegram Bot. The Bot does not work and needs to be fixed. Alien Valley is not able to support it at this time. The bot is written in Typescript. We need someone from the community to take over the project or find someone to fix it.

GitHub - alien-valley/plasma-bot
Contribute to alien-valley/plasma-bot development by creating an account on GitHub.

0X3639 | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Over the last 30 days I've been working on the following:

  • 98% complete with znndNode, a self contained znnd Node in docker with Grafana metrics and SSL endpoints.
  • Wrote three blog posts to zenon.info
  • Market making on Stex in the $ZNN/$USDT pair.
  • Coordinating with Stex to develop a Hummingbot <=> Stex connector. They are almost complete with the connector code. This will enable programatic market making, arbitrage, and trading on Stex.
  • Testing S Y R I U S releases with Sol, CryptoFish and AlienC0der.

Mik3Mast3rs | Github |

Mik3 is working on S Y R I U S improvements. This month he is focused on implementing WalletConnect in SYRIUS v0.0.7.

Mr. Kaine | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter | Youtube |

Updates from Mr. Kaine.

The PR submission deadline was extended to the end of March

Mr. Kaine continues to tell community members to remove liquidity from wZNN. The bridge will not be maintained any longer.

Mr. Kaine hints at Bitcoin and NoM interoperability. It's unclear if he is referencing storing data on NoM like Ordinals on Bitcoin. Or, maybe he thinks we can store code on Bitcoin and leverage NoM to run it. Time will tell.

Artwork of the Month

"a cartoon scene involving ninjas fighting over a bitcoin in a world where neon green is the dominant colour scheme"