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Zenon Network January 2023 Community Update

January 2023 was a busy month for the marketing and development of Zenon Network. Check out the progress below.
Zenon Network January 2023 Community Update

(Any views expressed in the below are the personal views of the author and should not form the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation or advice to engage in investment transactions.)

January 2023 was a busy month for the marketing and development of Zenon Network. Check out the progress below. And if I missed any activity please contact me (0x3639) in the Zenon Network Discord Server.

To those wondering why there is no new code in the Official Zenon Network repo since June 2022.... It's because the development is happening in the repos of a distributed group of community developers. You need to know the developers to understand the progress. The purpose of this post is to shed some light on our progress and help developers and marketers coordinate their efforts.


  • Released the new beta website Zenon.Org and supporting applications
  • Started planning syrius.zenon.org dApp that will act as a web-based onboarding funnel
  • Five community developers are working together on S Y R I U S v0.0.6 (Q1 2023 Release). Windows, Linux and Mac will be supported
  • $ZNN / $QSR were listed for sale on the Stex in December
  • Atomic Swaps and WalletConnect are under development for S Y R I U S v0.0.7 (Q2 2023 Release)
  • HTLC code was complete; PTLC code started
  • Trustless bridge under development (Q2 2023 Release)
  • zenon.tools was updated
  • zenonhub.io was updated
  • zenon.info was started
  • zenonzealot.xyz was started
  • S Y R I U S wallet extension was updated
  • S Y R I U S mobile wallet is still under development
  • Incentivized marketing platform is under development
  • New NFT standards under consideration
  • Several tools, bots, POCs, and helper applications delivered
  • znndNode Docker stack with Grafana monitoring and embedded SSL under development (Q1 2023 Release)
  • Find the schizo and you will be rewarded

Marketing Update

mehowz | Website | GitHub | Forum | Discord | Twitter

@mehowz has been working on a number of marketing related projects, including:

Released the new beta website Zenon.Org. It acts as an organic and main entry into Zenon resources, and will develop to act as an onboarding vehicle into subsequent funnels. The website is embedded with event triggers for all links/buttons, paving the way for an upcoming performance marketing tool named Attribute.

Tuned Attribute.Zenon.Org in anticipation of a release. The tool allows any marketer to generate themselves a shortened campaign link for any Zenon.Org page, which'll include utm parameters belonging to the marketers allowing them to track the activities of their referring traffic. Did that link you posted in your Twitter bio lead users to land on Zenon.Org and eventually click to join the Zenon Discord server? You can find out if you use Attribute to generate yourself links and use them in your social media / content creation and marketing activities.

Drew preliminary funnels for a planned upcoming syrius.zenon.org dApp that will act as a web-based onboarding funnel for first time stakers, delegators, pillars, sentinels and Accelerator-Z proposal submissions. It plans to make use of AlienC0der's upcoming WalletConnect features for SYRIUS v0.0.7.

Development Update

digitalSloth | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter

digitalSloth maintains the website https://zenonhub.io. In January he updated the node map to display countries, cities and network providers. In the coming weeks he is working on building network statistics pages. He also submitted an AZ Project to fund the development and open source the project.

George | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

George recently pushed the HTLC code which will enable atomic swaps on NoM. He is awaiting a SporkId to update the code and then merge it.

After George made material progress on the HTLC code Mr. Kaine encouraged him to research PTLCs.

Point Time Locked Contracts (PTLCs) are conditional payments that can replace the use of HTLCs. Compared to HTLCs, PTLCs can be more private and use less block space. If you want to learn more read this summary.

George is trying to complete the PTLC code in February, but no promises.

George recently launched a personal blog: https://www.zenonzealot.xyz/ I recommend you join. He offers a paid membership, which I joined to support him. His paid membership has more detailed research and direct access to him via a private Discord server. But you can sign up for free to start out.

As previously announced George launched a Pillar called Ignition (https://www.ignition.ooo/). Congrats!

Vilkris | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

This month Vilkris published the legacy Pillar signing utility. This allows legacy Pillar slot holders to sell a slot to a 3rd party in a trustless transaction. If you have a legacy Pillar slot and want to sell it please contact Shaimo1000 on Telegram. He might be able to connect you with a buyer. Vilkris used his own code to buy a legacy slot in January and launched a Pillar called Anvil. Congrats!

He also made a secret messages PoC. If you are interested in learning more check out the conversation on the forum.

Vilkris has also been working on big updates for Zenon Tools, such as historical Pillar APRs, uptime information and an overhaul of the UI. These are still a work-in-progress.

In December 2022 he released several Figma files mocking up Atomic Swaps in S Y R I U S. Screen shots are below. Atomic Swaps are coming in v0.0.7.

ZTS -> ZTS Atomic Swaps in S Y R I U S (Alice's Flow)

ZTS -> ZTS Atomic Swaps in S Y R I U S (Bob's Flow)

ZTS -> BTC Atomic Swaps in S Y R I U S (Alice's Flow)

BTC -> ZTS Atomic Swaps in S Y R I U S (Bob's Flow)

Sol Sanctum | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Sol has been working on a number of projects, including:

  • The new NFT Standard. Sol tested some POC code along with some initial code in support of his idea for variable sized encrypted containers not yet published. This work is on hold until the Atomic Swap code is complete.
  • Various S Y R I U S improvements and bug fixes.
  • Sol wrote the Node Mapper script used to map and track the Public Nodes in the network.
  • He updated the Dart SDK fork to support the new HTLC code written by George. Check out his recent work on the SDK here.
  • Sol, George, Vilkris, CryptoFish, AlienC0der and Mik3Mast3rs are all working together to enable Atomic Swaps within the S Y R I U S wallet. Sol is writing the user interface code in S Y R I U S to enable swaps.
  • Below is a screen shot and video from Sol's latest work as of 31 Jan 2023. The community will be able to test this feature soon and should be released in v0.0.7. We should expect this to go live in Q2 2023.

CryptoFish (KingGorrin) | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Cryptofish (KingGorrin on Github) is currently focusing on S Y R I U S and trying to work his way through some of the mattermost tasks. He is starting easy and taking on more challenging tasks as his knowledge of Flutter and S Y R I U S progresses. Cryptofish does a really good job of submitting pull requests. Have a look at an example below.

Cryptofish is also trying to get 100% code coverage on both the C# and Java SDKs which he maintains. He indicated that other SDKs are lacking unit tests. We should consider ways to improve this in the future.

He is trying to stay up to date with the community and is keeping an eye out for things where he can add value.

Cryptofish has resources to spare, so let's remember this going forward.

AlienC0der | Github | Forum |

AlienC0der has been focused on S Y R I U S improvements and bug fixes over the last few weeks. Five developers are contributing to this effort (AlienC0der, Sol, CryptoFish, Mik3Mast3rs, and Vilkris). Some recently merged changes include.

  • Manually change chain id (This will allow us to change the chain id to a testnet for example)
  • Fix realtime y-axis
  • Fix fusing address reset (v2)
  • Save native notifications preference in cache
  • Launch at startup
  • Fix Y axis for Standard Chart
  • Fix fusing address reset
  • Fix spacing for Standard Chart
  • Updated UI
  • Fix AZ listing and filtering
  • Fix realtime graph
  • Updated .dmg window
  • Add array manager
  • Add Local native notifications
  • Refactoring
  • Flutter 3.3.8

AlienCoder wrote some Github action scripts that enable the trustless releases of S Y R I U S. This means releases are automatically generated once new code is merged.

Alien and Mik3Mast3rs are working on a WalletConnect integration which should be available in the next version release v0.0.7. Check out this forum post if you want to learn more.

Sumamu | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Sumamu is working on the trustless bridge. According to his recent AMA, we can expect the bridge to go live by the end of March 2023. I personally view these dates as general guidelines. Don't be disappointed if we don't hit the date. I am hoping for a beta bridge on mainnet by Q2 2023. And per the AMA, the first bridge will be Ethereum <=> ZTS.

DexterLabZ | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

In the past few weeks DexterLabZ has been supporting Sumamu with the S Y R I U S Wallet Extension. He also submitted a request for comment on an Incentivized Marketing Platform. I reached out to Dexter on Telegram and the Forum for an update but have not heard back at the time of publication.

In prior conversations with Dexter, his goals were:

  • making Zenon easier to use (syrius extension)
  • making Zenon more more accessible (cross-chain bridge web app)
  • making Zenon more visible (public incentivized testnet)

Alien Valley | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

No known activity to report. He is chilling in the Alien Valley running his pillar. He is still around. Sir if you read this we would like to transition the Telegram Plasma Bot to deeZNNutz. Can you please look at this issue I submitted.

0X3639 | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter |

Over the last 30 days I've been working on the following:

  • Setup !webBot to randomly generate Mr. Kaine quotes in response to the command !wen on Discord.
  • 95% complete with znndNode, a self contained znnd Node in docker with Grafana metrics and SSL endpoints. This should make running and managing a node easier.
  • Launched the Zenon Network blog called zenon.info and wrote several articles.
  • Market making on Stex in the $ZNN/$USDT pair. I started with $15,000 $USDT and have recycled it several times. I'm preparing to submit an AZ Proposal to expand the market making operation.
  • Coordinating with Stex to develop a Hummingbot <=> Stex connector. They are 70% done with the connector code. This will enable programatic market making, arbitrage, and trading on Stex.
  • Testing S Y R I U S releases with Sol, CryptoFish and AlienC0der.
  • Setup Mattermost for community dev coordination mm.0x3639.com .
  • Setup Discord Price Bot and Telegram Price Bot for degenerate aping and monitoring.

Mik3Mast3rs | Github |

Mik3 is working on S Y R I U S improvements. He has been refactoring code, fixing bugs, and recently added a tray manager. He is also supporting AlienC0der with the WalletConnect integration.

Mr Kaine | Website | Github | Forum | Telegram | Twitter | Youtube |

Mr. Kaine recently had a gigabrain dump on Telegram about the architecture of the network. He also asked the community to submit PRs by the end of February. Please plan accordingly.

I asked Mr. Kaine if he was working on Sentinel code. He did not respond. Going forward I think we should assume no magic code is being written by a team of shadowy super coders. Once this community update is released I will ask him again to coordinate with us like all other community developers for the February edition. Let's see if he participates.

What's Next?

Improved speed through dynamic plasma?

!wen Private Schizo Chat?

Private schizo chat is a "thing". If you are a degenerate and know why this cartoon is important, DM the answer to @Zashounet#0321 on Discord. You have five attempts to get the right answer. If you fail the only way to get in is through future treasure hunts and/or a Schizo Chat vote. Plan accordingly. If you are Geo restricted, search for this video "Adventure Time | Come Along With Me Finale Song | Cartoon Network".