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Zenon Network is Building

Zenon Network is Building

(Any views expressed in the below are the personal views of the author and should not form the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation or advice to engage in investment transactions.)

We "safely" made it into 2023, but markets are in turmoil. In recent months FTX went bankrupt, SBF was indicted, Genesis is on the verge of bankruptcy, BTC miners are going bankrupt, and many VC backed crypto projects are folding up shop (google it). In spite of all the market uncertainty, Zenon Network continues to build. How can that be?

Zenon Network, the Network of Momentum (NoM), is a community run project that was launched with no pre-sale, no insider / team allocation, and no VC rounds. Community members who contribute and add value to the network can request funding through the on chain funding mechanism called Accelerator Z. Awards are granted in the native tokens called $ZNN and $QSR.

We are a distributed group of builders, marketers, artists, shitposters, memers, and trolls who are here to build a decentralized Layer 1 blockchain that interoperates with Bitcoin. And so long as our community stays together to build the network, market conditions should not impact us.

This article will summarize some of our latest achievements in case you missed them.

Community Development Updates

On December 20th, 2022 Mr. Kaine explained NoM in more detail to the community on Telegram. You can read the entire dialogue in the post below. I found the following points interesting:

  • Consensus is the most important part of a distributed network. A simple and robust L1 with minimal features will always outperform over-engineered and complex designs that try to accomplish too many things at once. Therefore, NoM will not implement a smart contracting on the Layer 1.
  • Unikernels and ZK rollup solutions that support Turing-complete smart contracts can be implemented on top of NoM in Layer 2 or 3 solutions.
  • NoM has a dual ledger system which decouples consensus from chain weight. It appears we will add chain weight (Proof of Work) through both ASIC miners and CPU miners. I believe ASIC miners will be used to add chain weight and CPU miners will be used to distribute chain weight. Let's see how this plays out in 2023.
Networks that Implement a Heavy VM at L1 will always be Plagued by Scalability Issues
The following statements were made by Mr. Kaine in Telegram on December 20, 2022 about Zenon Network. The whitepaper points out two sources of PoW: one CPU bound (ASIC resistant) and the other one ASIC friendly. The key is balancing them. The design principles of NoM’s architecture are very impor…

Several community developers are working on implementing Hashed Time Locked Contacts (HTLC) and Point Time Locked Contract (PTLC). We have working code for go-zenon and several SDKs are being upgraded to work with HTLCs. Once implemented the community can develop a peer to peer exchange where tokens can be exchanged between buyers and sellers without a trusted intermediary. And we can upgrade Syrius to allow for peer to peer exchange right in the wallet.

Sumamu and his team are working on a trustless bridge between NoM, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. The testnet bridge is available to test and you can join the discussion here.

Welcome to the multiverse: bridging the Zenon ecosystem
This article has been in the writing for some time and we approached it by asking ourselves questions that we though a community member would have asked in the first place. Below you will find a list with those questions. There’s a lot of information, so you can skip to the ones that spark your inte…

Sumamu held an AMA about the trustless bridge on Twitter. You can read that discussion here: https://twitter.com/su_mamu_/status/1599960122515521537

Dr. Blaze is working on a native mobile wallet. That dude does not say much, but he appears to be working. Here is a link to the figma files showing the design progress. https://www.figma.com/file/BmmfUT2DOiLzweeMfcLCse/App You can join the discussion below on this forum post.

Syrius Wallet Mobile App
Hello, Zenon community, Here’s Blaze, I am a tech-savvy entrepreneur developing mobile applications on both Android & iOS using Flutter technology. I’ve been reached by my buddy who’s part of your community and has introduced Zenon to me & proposed to start building new products under the Accelera…

There is a lot of activity around the Syrius wallet. Developers are writing Github actions to auto generate releases. Others are refactoring the code, implementing a Syrius tray icon, updating dependencies, and fixing bugs in the UI/UX. You can join these discussions here:

Github Actions for NoM repos
I’ve started a discussion with @sol_sanctum and we agreed that the best solution for releasing binaries would be to setup a proper CI/CD solution on each repo. I started to research CI/CD solutions and I think that Github Actions are the natural solution to automatically build, test and deploy dire…
Syrius Improvements
The BICH DAO newsletter started putting together a list of potential wallet improvements, I thought I would copy those here and add my own suggestions, feel free to add some more even if it’s wish list stuff: There are many improvements to Syrius wallet that can be worked on immediately which will…
Syrius Address Field Grey
I’m doing some syrius testing and just setup a new wallet on a windows 10 VM. I’m getting this strange grey box for address field #1. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, how did you resolve it?

The community has delivered on the SDKs. Most SDKs are done. However, we are looking for a developer to work on a C/C++ SDK. If you know someone interested in developing the SDK in C/C++ please share this link on how to apply for a grant. https://forum.zenon.org/t/zenon-network-grants-hyperspace-x-accelerator-z/439

Current areas of addition research and development include:

DigitalSloth recently launched https://www.zenonhub.io/, a digital market place for NoM holders. And https://zenon.tools is always building and adding to its offerings.

Community Marketing Updates

On the marketing front an experienced team is working on the new community website zenon.org. This team is heavily involved in the NoM community and was responsible for developing the THORchain.org website. You can see some of their recent updates to the development website below. In addition, they are building out an attribution system to accelerate awareness and growth.

Our community member shazzamazzash delivered three very important marketing projects.

DexterLabZ is building an Incentivized Marketing Platorm as outlined in this forum post.

Incentivized Marketing Platform
“How to liberate the universe with ZNNAliens? While the current Earth is buzzed with scams, inflation, climate change, and toxic politics, we aliens know that the Earth’s salvation is the Zenon takeover, and that’s what we’re aiming to do with this project.” Hello ZNNAlien community, hope all is go…

Our based community member Zyler continues to write articles on Medium.com about Zenon Network. Here are his two more recent articles:

The community recently transitioned from Telegram to Discord. We hope you will join in the discussion over there.

And finally our artists continue to support the community with high quality work that never stops. Check out some of the AI renderings and other amazing art produced by the community. Too many to name, but you know who you are.



  • Jan 9, 2023: Add reference to Zyler's marketing efforts on Medium.com